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Iris Reference by naladraws Iris Reference by naladraws
This is my OC reference.

Name: Iris

Age: 15

Gender: female

Appearance: tall, really short boy cut black hair with blue highlights at the tips, average weight, flat stomach, blue eyes, unusually long fingers, small breasts,

Personality/history: As a young girl, Iris loved to do all sorts of sports: Soccer, swim team and indoor rock climbing/high ropes courses. Then, she started to have freak occurances with water. She can guiltily say she's killed people. Then, her parents disappeared, along with her family when she was 10. The police think they were killed, but she thinks that they abandoned her. She's taken in by some mysterious couple, who tell her she has the power to control water. Now, she wanders around, free of school and responsibilities except for caring for herself. She used to earn money by singing on the streets; one of her secret passions.

She is usually very bright and bubbly. She loves to have fun despite her power, which she's not totally been able to control. She is protective of her past. She becomes all blank if someone asks. When she has a goal, she focuses on that.

Clothing: tank top and cargo pants usually. She's got about 30 different tank tops she wears. She wears combat boots. She wears a locket (waterproof) with two pictures in it. One of her mom and dad, and another of her siblings. She's got 2 sisters one older and one younger. No one has ever seen the pictures in the locket.

Tattoo: As she grows older, her tattoo gets darker, and bigger. It starts at the initial water drop shape, then starts spiraling around her skin to form the full tattoo you see above. It gets darker, too, as her power of controlling water increases.
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November 24, 2012
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