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This deviation was deleted

This critique was given because *Oceaninc gave me 3 points. (see my profile if you want one)

I'm sorry if this is a bit harsh, but you get what you pay for

Vision: This is really plain and simple to look at. There were no clashing colors, which tend to hurt my eyes, so kudos to you for that. The paw in the way front looks very odd, you need to use a more opapque brush for this. Also, where is the fourth paw?
The fish could use some more details (eyes maybe?) and the plants look like lines that took you 5 seconds to draw. The animal itself looks interesting enough, but you could do a better job shading it. And since it is underwater, it would need some kind of blueish tint to it Maybe air bubbles too? The goggles look blurry because it looks like you've rubbed the blending tool over them. Maybe use a separate layer for those?

Originality: I gave you 3.5 for this, because I have never seen another devianation like this. It is original Nice job.

Technique: Again, you need to work on this a lot. The water needs more tints to it. There is nice shading on the fish, but it could use some eyes and defined fins The animal's proportions are a bit off, and you need to make it look a bit more furry. Because it is an animal after all. The plants need help. Maybe add some sand to the bottom? I like how the tail goes up like that, it helps with the whole underwater image. I'm not sure if you used layers on this. If not, that's what I would suggest. there are many good tutorials out there for shading. find one and use it It will help loads. The eyes are really cute though. I also would have made the animal bigger, because my eyes are actually drawn to the fish, which is supposed to be in the background, I assume. Make sure the main subject of the piece is going to make the person looking at it, look at it.

Impact: What does one get out of this? I didn't really get much message out of it. Maybe add a bit more to the artist's comments. That will help. And, don't take this personally, but I don't think this is worth $2 yet. Yet. I said yet. With a lot of hard work, you will be good enough to sell your art.

I wish you the best of luck.

The Artist thought this was FAIR
10 out of 10 deviants thought this was fair.


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